• Who hosts this journal?

    FairTrade Journal is hosted by the University of Mary Washington in Frederickburg, Virginia and is
    under the direct supervision of professor of English and Arrington Distinguished Chair in Poetry, Claudia
    Emerson and technology specialist, Jim Groom.

    Are you a print publication?

    No, FairTrade Journal is an entirely online publication.

    So, why online?

    A better question is, why not online? Online publishing allows us to take advantage of opportunities
    not offered by print publications. First and foremost, publishing online opens up our audience; those
    who may not be able to access or submit to our journal if it was a traditional print publication have the
    opportunity to trade with us. Additionally, once the website is launched, the publication will be both
    easily and indefinitely accessible. And of course, going paperless lets us shine our tree-hugging halos.

    How often does your journal publish?

    We are set to publish the inaugural issue in early December. If the journal is well-received, we will
    continue the project. Regardless, the FairTrade Journal website, once launched, will be accessible
    indefinitely; that is, whether or not subsequent publications occur, the website domain will never be
    terminated and users can always access it to view published issues.

    You keep saying “us” and “we,” who are you?

    Great question. “We” are the editors of FairTrade Journal – five of us, to be specific. We are seniors
    at the University of Mary Washington and, as you may have already guessed, we’re interested in the
    intersection of women, social injustice, and creativity and facilitating the trade of those stories, works,
    and ideas. Still curious? Don’t worry, in the near future, you’ll be able to access bios of each of us on
    the website.

    What kind of submissions do you take?

    We will consider just about any form of creativity, as long as it adheres to the mission of our journal.
    There are, essentially, no limits to the kind of submission we will consider: photography, art, paintings,
    sculptures, music, videos, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays, science fiction, memoir, young adult
    fiction, drawings, etc.

    How do I submit?

    We’re thrilled you want to trade with us. To begin trading, fill out the submission form, found here.